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Valuation of natural resources is our challenge for the future

About Us

Just of few words of introduction

BIOSEANERGY’s aim is to be your link between the fundamental research and your specific industrial project in agro-business that will lead you to new perspectives of development.

In a more and more competitive world, you need to have the leadership in the valuation of your technologies and products and think out of the box...

Just take time together to think about it... !

Valuation of natural resources is our challenge for the future...

We have all no doubt on the fact that :

the usual protein and lipid resources available on earth wil not be able to match with the consumption requirements

we need to improve the management of our waste

environemental pollution is increasing day to day

energy managment is a key factor of our economic sucess

Added to these points, administrative regulations, ethical concepts, productivity, return on investment and customers requirements are bringing more and more constraints on the way you need to design your projects.

Let us imagine together a better profitable way to manage your production through inovative process, in full synergy with ecological requirements.

Specialist in the management and the development of marine resources and agro-food products, BIOSEANERGY brings his scientific skills and expertise to businesses, associations and communities at all stages of a project.
Support, audit, consulting, structuring courses, coaching, coordination of project, specific research, turn key project... BIOSEANERGY develops tailor-made services adapted to the economic and industrial reality of each request.
His expertise in the management and the optimization of natural resources, including by-products, his mastery of the constraints of sustainable development and of the market regulation make BIOSEANERGY your privileged interlocutor of marine and agro-food clusters.

Valuation of natural resources is
our challenge for the future

Our Work

The way we are working

With more than 25 years of expertise in seafood and agro-business, BIOSEANERGY team will bring you its knowledge with pragmatic solutions that will take into consideration, as well as the scientific and technical requirements than the economical and financial issues.

In close relationship with international scientific research centers, but also in partnership with industrial suppliers, producers and traders, BIOSEANERGY is at the sourcing of novative technologies and business development.

BIOSEANERGY innovates and invests its expertise in research and continuous improvement

Research & Development

  • Outsourcing of research and development
  • Overall management of your research and development
  • Benefit from the expertise of a specialized team

That will bring you :

  • Scientific and Technical Overview
  • Customized research
  • Characterization and evaluation of ingredients, composition, functional properties, nutritional and biological
  • Design and development of new products
  • Decision Support
  • Transfer of technologies
  • State of the art


The scientific BIOSEANERGY team ensures a perfect follow-up of all the datas in aquaculture, fishing, processing and agri-food through his knowledge of all these clusters, but also through his permanent and direct link with producers and traders all over the world.

This proximity to the reality of the entire industry allows BIOSEANERGY to have a real identification of needs and issues, ensuring the relevance of his expertise on many issues.

But as no one has an universal knowledge, we will need first to learn from you, to fully understand your business and objectives and then define together a strategy on a sustainable development approach.

Definition of your Turn-Key Project

Even if we have the expertise, even if we propose improved and novative patented technologies, even if we are close to market trends, this project will be yours and you will need to be fully convinced of the revelance of our technology and strategic proposals.

This stage is the most important one !

Taking into consideration all the scientific, technological, industrial, commercial and economic datas, we will define together the best way to improve or to diversify your production.

This will be the begining of a long term commitment in a synergetic action.

Turn-Key Project Management

If you want to go fast, go alone...if you want to go far, go together...
African Proverb

« Team Spirit » this is the key-word of a project and BIOSEANERGY will be there to federate, to optimize, to be sure that, and the end of the day, your dreamed project will become a reality.

Joining forces with wordlwide-knowned manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors, BIOSEANERGY will lead you through all day to day problematics in the management of your project.
We will provide you the key of your sucess.

Follow Up Your Project

Having the key of a project is one thing...
Make this project running up to your expectations is another thing...!

Training of your teams, improvement of quality and production costs, after sale services for maintenance and spare parts, and more than that up-grading and up-dating of your equipments is essential.

Either on production site or through « Team Viewer » on line, you will have a full and pro-reactiv assistance for not to waste time and business opportunities.

Our Services

Our areas of activity

  1. Environment - Fishing & Aquaculture

    Any industrial activity is likely to have an impact on the environment and its integration must be considered and correspond to administrative and environmental standards, knowing that sustainable fishing and aquaculture are the key-solutions for the future.

    Moreover, one of the determining factors in your performance will be to demonstrate that your industrial business meets ecological ethics.
    The processing of your waste and discharges of your production, the use of renewable energies, the use of biodegradable packaging are definite assets for your marketing plan.

    BIOSEANERGY will bring you answers for :

    • Marine Renewable Energy
    • Environmental quality and natural environments - Aquaculture Sites
    • Ecological monitoring - Inventories, biodiversity
    • Marine Environment
    • Environmental Impact study
    • Management Measure for sustainable Fisheries
    • Sampling - measures - analysis
    • Environmental Studies and interactions with human activities
    • Identification of non-compliance, monitoring and working with state services
    • Conflict management and expertise of Practice
    • Organization of public meetings, presentation of results, scientific vulgarization
  2. Valuation

    Valuation of Marine Resources and By-Products

    Optimizing the use of natural resources is certainly the most important challenge for our future generations; the increase of the world population requires a better management, but above all, a better utilization of protein and lipid resources.

    Valuation of wastes and by-products, for the extraction of specific molecules used in food processing, cosmetics or phamaceutical products is also essential for the seafood industries even on an economical point of view.

    In this matter, BIOSEANERGY will bring you innovative and patented industrial solutions already implemented successfully by our team in many countries, onshore or onboard fishing vessels, as for example :

    • Production of stabilized mince for food and feed industries
    • Production of surimi-base
    • Production of cold extracted oil concentrated in polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • Purification and refining of black crude oils
    • Extraction of peptids and animo-acids
    • Extraction of gelatin and colagen

    Using mechanical separation, aqueous or enzymatic hydrolisis, filtration, CO2 supercritical extraction, micro encapsulation, extrusion for on-line and fully automated process.

    We certainly have the answer to your industrial requirements and projects.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for a brainstorming session to think together out of the box !

If you want to go fast, go alone...

If you want to go far, go together.

- African proverb -

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